March 19, 2017

8.7 Million Reasons To Live Simply

Something people rarely take into account is the fact that we share this planet with an estimated 8.7 million other life forms (trillions of individuals). There are many, many species that are as yet unknown to us. Undoubtedly, our unchecked consumption habits will cause many of those to go extinct before we even discover that they used to be our neighbours.

Adopting a minimalist, simple lifestyle is a great way to honour ALL species, and allow them the best chances for survival on this gloriously diverse planet.

"We have only begun to uncover the tremendous variety of life around us. Smaller life forms are not well known anywhere. Some unknown species are living in our own backyards - literally."  
- Alastair Simpson 

When we talk about biological diversity we recognize three distinct types:

1. Genetic Diversity

2. Species Diversity

3. Ecosystem Diversity

All three of these forms of diversity are imperilled by our inability to overcome our selfish refusal to recognize other life, and accord it the same rights as our lives have. Because, after all, does not all life in all its myriad forms have a right to exist?

Part of transforming our greed-based system will be the recognition that we share this planet with millions of other species that deserve to live just as much as we do. When that happens, a peaceful and sustainable coexistence will begin that will change the way we do everything.

Need a reason to live more simply? To approach life with a minimalist's attitude? To live and let live? I have got 8.7 million reasons. And it is easy to come up with more, with little effort.

“Biodiversity is much more than beauty and wonder, important though that is. It also underpins ecosystem services that -- although not counted in conventional GDP -- humanity is dependent upon."
- Lord May

Do it for the planetary genetic material that keeps things running smoothly as we constantly adapt to change. Do it for all other species, our friendly, hard working neighbours. Do it for the amazing variety of ecosystems. Do it for your own survival. Do it for peace and cooperation and mutual benefit.

But just do it.

Still not enough reasons? Keep on reading NBA, and the comments that add so much to what we are doing here. Or consider adding a comment of your own. Maybe you have reason number 8,700,001 for living simply. We would love to hear it.


  1. Practicing simplicity can be interesting. I try to do as much as possible with minimalism or if I need to get something I go for refurbished. Today I went skateboarding on a shared board, read some Dune Messiah borrowed from the library and time learning how to set up a Ubuntu server and install the impossibly difficult Gentoo Linux on my phone to save energy. Nothing much consumed but much learnt.

  2. Yes, living simply does honor ALL living things and the number one reason of the 8.7 million reasons...and counting.



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