March 14, 2016

My To Don't Do List

The problem with To Do Lists.

“My to-do list is so long that it doesn't have an end; it has an event horizon.“
- Craig Bruce

Do people still keep Job Jars in the kitchen, perpetually filled with scraps of paper that itemize things that must be done? I don't know, but I am sure that the To Do List is still in popular use.

There is no lack of things to do, and we like to keep track of all of them. We maintain day timers with each day's square stuffed with important items that must be done (including weekends). We might have so many To Do lists that we need a master list of those lists.

If you are trying to downshift to a less busy life there is nothing like making a To Don't Do list. When making such a list for the first time let yourself go - if you think it, write it down regardless of how "silly" or "impossible" it may seem. Brainstorming is fun.

There will always be people that will try to get you to do things. They will use you, abuse you, and accuse you, if you say NO and won't play their game. It is important to protect yourself from this onslaught. It is important to "resist much, obey little".

A To Don't Do List can help you "re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book", and "dismiss whatever insults your own soul".

I have taken Walt Whitman's advice because I want my very flesh to be a great poem. So here is my collection of things I have dismissed after a few decades of re-examination.

To Don't Do List 

1. Buy stuff I don't need.
2. Go places I don't need to go.
3. Try to keep up with others in an endless competition.
4. Work for someone else more than I need to.
5. Look to a product or someone else to solve my problems.
6. Clutter my home with needless things.
7. Try to please other people.
8. Hold a grudge.
9. Spend time around people who bring me down.
10. Worry about anything.

It is easier and more satisfying to not do things that are harmful to you. There is no shortage of them, so you have lots to choose from. What is on your To Don't Do List?

“A lot of us think we're invincible... but we have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list.”
- Giuliana Rancic 


  1. Hi Greg,

    I love your idea of a 'to don't do list'. I think our lists pretty much match, other than I'm still working a bit more than I'd like to ( I've got the balance now to where I work just enough to keep all the balls in the air and pay a little extra on the mortgage. Once that's gone - freedom!)

    If you have any tips on how to achieve no 10 I'd be grateful :-)


    1. I guess I achieve number 10 by remembering that Earth is heaven and life is beautiful. I try to do my best, then let life unfold as it does. Worrying does not help, but positive action can go a long way. Good luck with that mortgage. Freedom is to be cherished, and having your own little slice of heaven is something to work toward.

  2. To Don't Do List
    I am full of very unpopular opinions and hope to keep them.
    2.I am very much interested how much people spend per year on pets,when I am forced to listen about pets never forget to ask the question.
    3)never stop thinking, meditating few minutes about death each am and pm.No I am not morbid
    more to come,Saffron (australia)

  3. 4.Avoid nutritional, fashion, lifestyle, financial or any other type of 'advice' from the experts.
    5.Avoid "advice "from sheep.
    6.never forget to take pleasure in the tasks I preform.
    7.try to never donate again in the donation shops.I did 80% from my home,things that I did not need.Would be much more beneficial if I did't purchase the stuff at firs place and donate money to people that need .
    8.not to purchase thing because I do not need them ,not because I am frugal.
    Saffron Australia

    1. Thank you for adding those, Saffron. You are bang on.


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