February 1, 2016

Nature Is Into You

I have loved being in nature for as long as I can remember. I measure my success by how much time I  spend in wild places untouched by the heavy hand of civilization. My relationship with nature has been a passionate, life long affair.

I have had people tell me, "I'm just not that into nature." For a while I didn't know what to say, but I think I have figured it out.

From now on my reply is going to be, "You are lucky that Nature is into you."

So-called 'ecosystem services', otherwise known as 'the gifts of Mother Nature', have been carefully calculated in monetary terms for those who fail to see the beauty and inherent rights of nature to exist over and above what's in it for us.

Seen from the perspective of the bottom line, it is obvious that there would be no economy without nature and the ecosystem services it provides. Anyone saying it is either the environment or the economy should be told that we are voting for the environment.

The numbers don't lie.

"The services of ecological systems and the natural capital stocks that produce them are critical to the functioning of the Earth's life-support system. They contribute to human welfare, both directly and indirectly, and therefore represent part of the total economic value of the planet. 
We have estimated the current economic value of 17 ecosystem services for 16 biomes, based on published studies and a few original calculations. For the entire biosphere, the value (most of which is outside the market) is estimated to be in the range of US$16-54 trillion (1012) per year, with an average of US$33 trillion per year. 
Because of the nature of the uncertainties, this must be considered a minimum estimate. Global gross national product total is around US$18 trillion per year."    - source

I am so into Nature, and I am glad that she is into me. We have been very happy together. She has taught me everything I know, and to acknowledge this fact, I try to do everything I can to help her out.

We are lucky that Nature is into us all, whether we know it or acknowledge it or not. We should try and keep it that way.

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