October 23, 2015

World Thinkers and Writers Peace Meet

"With the very future of the human project at stake, the kind of assumptions we make become absolute vital to the possibility of realizing a truly humane and transformed future characterized by peace, sustainability, and justice." - Dr. Glen Martin, One World Renaissance

Despite all the denial going on in response to pressing world issues, it is not difficult to see that Earth and everything on it is imperilled by violence, greed and ignorance. While many complain about our predicament, very few offer doable solutions.

Glen Martin is not one of those - he has some very compelling ideas about what actions we can take to improve life for everyone on this planet.

I discovered Dr. Martin's work when the following information was posted in the comments of my post on the Occupy Movement:

You are invited to a large global peace conference—the World Thinkers and Writers Peace Meet—in Kolkata, India on December 27-31. You may come as a delegate for the 14th session of the Provisional World Parliament that will be part of this conference. 
Papers are also invited for the International Philosophers for Peace Conference that will meet concurrently. (Please send an abstract to Dr. Patricia Murphy at pmurphy@sju.edu.)  
You may also register as a delegate for the Parliament. Those wishing to participate in the Provisional World Parliament should register with Dr. Glen Martin at gmartin@radford.edu.  
Your intelligence, experience, and leadership are needed to contribute to this historic event in Kolkata. 
To find out more, visit the following sites: 

I urge you to check out Dr. Martin's hopeful work for yourselves, knowing there are many compassionate, thinking, and peace-loving readers that check in here at Not Buying Anything. Take a look. Let me know what you think.

Here's to solutions for a better world. We need more of them.


"We will see that dealing with the global crises that threaten human existence is directly related with the imperative to establish a world based upon human dignity and human flourishing, a world that will include both a spiritual renaissance and a practical, planetary social contract."

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