October 4, 2015

My Hybrid

This solar hybrid lantern charges even on overcast days.

I am a new owner of a hybrid. It recharges with any light source, and can go eight hours on a full charge. It will hold a charge for years, is water resistant, and is extremely durable.

My hybrid is a light, more commonly known as a camping lantern. Its 12 bright LED's run on solar, or a battery backup. Over the past several months I have never needed to use the batteries.

Initially I was looking for a bedside table lamp, but conventional varieties weren't doing anything for me. After letting go of most of our possessions last year before moving, we have been in a position of deciding what to replace.

Bedside table lamps didn't make the list. Neither did bedside tables. Instead, I put a chair from our kitchen table next to the bed, then bought the hybrid light to go on it.

The lamp puts out 200 lumens of light, the equivalent of only a 25 watt incandescent bulb. While it's not a lot of light, it does have a 10 meter radius. There is plenty of light to smooch (or snog) by. Or read a book together.

During the day I move the lantern to the window to recharge in the sun.

My hybrid light is eco-friendly, efficient, and reminds me of camping. But mostly, I think photons are fun, especially the ones that come from the Sun every day. I want to capitalize on that free energy as much as possible, and this is my small start in that direction.


  1. Great minds think alike!! I too use a solar lantern in the bedroom, and got rid of my bedside tables and lamps earlier this year. It was very liberating, and I love how my room feels without those dust catchers. I've been keeping my current reading material in a basket by the bed but have decided that those books can live....on the bookshelf! If it's too much effort to walk to the bookshelf and get my book it probably means it time for me to go to sleep anyway.


    PS thanks Gregg and Linda for your reply to my email. It's amazing how sharing something can make things much easier. Linda, I have hemp pants too, and I'm impressed by how much longer than cotton and even linen they last.

    1. When I was young and I said "great minds think alike", my mom would say, "and fools seldom differ". I am hoping that we are in the former category.

    2. I'd like one of these. Did you order online? If so, where?

      Keep up the good work.

  2. Russell,

    You could try their website at - http://hybridlight.com/index.php/extra-gear/

    I bought mine at a local hardware store, but I see it is available many places on line. Just search for 'hybrid light'. It looks much cheaper on line, too. The company that makes the lantern also have many other great portable solar devices available.


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