September 1, 2015

Stuff We Don't Need

Many, if not most, people with money tend to spend it on things they don't need. A lot of folks are addicted to financial wealth and the stuff that can be bought with excess cash. This is not the right track, as shown by record levels of depression and environmental collapse.

We are desperately trying to fulfill ourselves with things instead of what we really need, which is love, emotional contact, and creative self-expression.

The more balanced we become, the more we seek these things rather than being driven to accumulate money and things we don't need. Our natural energy begins to flow, and our lives fall into simplicity and balance.

With balance we can have everything our hearts could desire in abundance, but there is not accumulation of excess. We are not wasting, and we are not using resources that don't need to be used.

With balance we give up the struggle for more. We have everything we need because true wealth is simple and balanced.

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