August 8, 2015

One Year Later

Life is a constant blossoming and unfolding of beauty, if only we take the time to see it happening.

June 1st of last year Linda and I set off on a cross country quest. A large part of our quest was to secure a wheelchair accessible home close to the Atlantic Ocean.

After a 2 month, 6600 km adventure in a van we bought a few days before we left Sooke, BC, we arrived in Digby, NS. The nice people at the local visitor's centre helped us locate an accessible room from which to base ourselves for the few days it would take to look for a more permanent home.

Before long our online search yielded just what we were looking for on an old potato farm in a rural area a few kilometres out of town. Our landlords live in a beautifully re-purposed potato barn.

We didn't know it when we moved in, but there is a wheelchair accessible forest trail along a brook that is basically in our back yard. Everything we need is close.

In future posts Linda and I would like to share how we have fared since our continent-spanning drive, finding a home, going into the hospital with a bad back, and recovering. When we arrived here everything we owned was in our van, and it wasn't very much.

Since then we have acquired a few things, but not too many. We think it is just enough to live the low impact life that we prefer. Those few things, coupled with an accessible home have allowed us to settle in nicely.

It is one year later and we are blossoming. Our simple life is turning into a thing of beauty.


  1. blessings to you both! your life continues to be an inspiration to me in my own search for simplicity. i'm so grateful for your sharing.

    1. Thank you, Gretchen. When there is so little popular support for living more simple lives it is important for those who are striving toward this to support each other.

  2. From getting rid of crap down to only essentials for the trip, uprooting, suffering a serious health crisis, Linda's condition, to your journey across country, and resettling; this has been No. Small. Feat.

    Looking forward to your reflections on this year you two began a year ago. I'd also be interested to learn what prompted your decision to embark on this. I think I missed the posts that led up to your announcement you were leaving and going. Was it the threat of Fukushima radiation arriving on the West Coast?? Being near Linda's family?? Please forgive me if I am prying into personal information you haven't shared publically. Just curious.

    You continue to be an inspiration in my simplifying journey, figuring out where I am in life and how to get to somewhere else.

    1. You have been going hard yourself over the past year, and with success I might add. Bravo!

      I will do a post soon on the reasons for our move. Good questions. Thanks.

  3. I'm always reading your posts with great interest and I'm so glad to read that! I'm looking forward to reading your future posts.
    In the meantime, happy blossoming to Linda and you!

    1. Thank you for reading. Together all of us make a nice bouquet.


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