February 16, 2015

5 Rules For Low-Impact Living

Low impact, self-built, no mortgage, natural homes remove support from
the corrupted banking/real estate system.

1. Use only your fair share of the planet's resources.

- even if you can afford to consume more than your fair share
- even if you "work hard" and "deserve" to consume more
- even if you think you are "special", because you aren't

2. Create as little waste as you can - manage it yourself.

- the best way to avoid dealing with waste is to avoid producing it in the first place
- the best way to avoid producing it is to consume less overall
- turn waste products into resources
- compost in the yard and use it to enrich your garden soil

3. Cooperate and share resources, including local green energy production.

- not everyone on the block needs to own a lawn mower, or garden tools, or a drill, or many of the things that we use every day
- local community-owned green energy production will keep the lights on after unsustainable grids go down
- bring food to a neighbour
- start a cooperative, support others in your area

4. Grow as much of your food as possible.

- it is amazing how much food can be grown/raised in a small area
- community gardens are a great way to share land and knowledge
- eat a local diet year round

5. Learn to love the challenge of living ever more simply.

- contrary to what we have been taught, living with less according to the limits of nature is not only right, but can also be a lot of FUN.


  1. You're right...and food you grow yourself tastes so much better than anything you can buy!

  2. Charlotte,

    There really is no comparison for taste or nutrition.

  3. I could live in this house.

    This list, gets me to thinking about how I'm doing.


    1. Terri,

      Definitely not your regular suburban cookie cutter home.


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