September 30, 2013

What's Out and What's In

OUT: The old dream of "getting ahead" by getting more money to buy more stuff.

IN: A new dream of "getting better" by getting out of debt, honouring your priorities, helping others and healing the planet.


  1. For once in my life I'm with the "In" crowd!

    1. Miss Marla, That's funny.

      It's the "right" crowd, too.

  2. I think you might resonate with latest animated video from the "The Story of Stuff", It suggests we change the rules of the game from Faster, Cheaper, Newer to Safer, Healthier and More Fair.

    1. Savoring Servant,

      It is about time for a major rule change. I can get behind Safer, Healthier, and More Fair.

      Thanks for the tip. I love solutions.


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