August 12, 2013

DIY Upholstery Monday

Materials used to reupholster my cast iron chairs.

What do a tin of white tacks, 2 pant legs from an old pair of army surplus pants, a pair of child's scissors, and a couple of cast iron chairs have in common? A couple of things.

First, I used all the items in my do it yourself upholstery project. Having never done anything of the sort before, I pushed forward with nothing but my ignorance and a strong desire to cover that awful 1970s vinyl.

Second, all the items are things that I had at hand.

Finished product is much easier on the eyes,
and better on the butt.

The chairs were bought second hand eight years ago. They were made by a Canadian iron works started in 1949, but manufactured in a time when psychedelia was still groovy.

But the vinyl chairs had lost their groove.

Not only did I get updated chairs, but it didn't cost anything, I repurposed the pant legs, and it was a fun DIY project. It also fits with my motto -

"Do what you can, with what you've got, where you are at."

I guess we can take this off now.


  1. Nice Job!

    1. Thank you Miss Marla. It won't win me any upholstery awards, but it sure was satisfying to do this myself with only my creativity to guide me.

      Can't go wrong, really.

      Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  2. I really need to be good with the staple gun before taking upholstery way too seriously. I am really clumsy with that gun.

    1. Milla,

      I say, "Go for it." But please be careful, and don't point that thing at anyone.


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