March 18, 2013

Musical Monday

It may look like a coffin, but a console stereo was my first introduction
 to the joys of recorded music
Another thing I would die without? Music. For me, and I suspect a lot of other people, living without music would be like living without breathing. The two are associated - singing is all about the breathe. Playing a flute, an instrument that has been around for 30,000 years, is also about breathe.

I remember segments of my life according to the music I was listening to at the time. 

When I was 10 my mom listened to a small stack of vinyl albums that were lovingly stored in our console stereo, a huge piece of furniture that has thankfully been miniaturized out of existence. She would carefully lower the needle on to her favourite records, then dance up a storm and sing along.

My siblings and I would join her.

Although the coffin stereo is long gone, I do remember some of the albums, including Rubber Soul by the Beatles, and Strange Days by the Doors. I like them to this day.

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In more recent times, my musical enjoyment has been enhanced by learning to play an instrument. During the time I was listening to mom's albums, I also started guitar lessons. But I quit, and the musician in me had to endure a 30 year period of unsatisfied musical urges.

Then, 10 years ago when Linda and I made the transition to our current simple lifestyle, picking up the guitar was one of the first things we did. Now spontaneous jam sessions break out in a moments notice spreading harmonious vibrations far and wide.

Like nature, I think that exposure to music is crucial for maximum life enjoyment and optimal health. 

I may not die without music, but I shudder to think of a life bereft of the joys it brings.


  1. namakemonoMarch 18, 2013

    For me it is books and reading - something my ex never understood. I will take the train rather than drive to have reading time. My kindle is stuffed and so is my bookshelf. Both my parents were readers, but I am suprised that my kids aren`t!

    1. We also love reading. I am currently reading about writing in a book that combines two of my favourite things.


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