January 29, 2013

The True Business Of People

An age old question that humans have been asking themselves since forever is, "What should I be doing?" Conversely, you could also ask, "What shouldn't I be doing?" These questions obviously took up a considerable amount of time in the life of the brilliant thinker, Buckminster Fuller.

One thing I love about 'Bucky' is that he did his thinking way outside the box, and considered more than just what the economy needed. His interest was in exploring human potential, and utilizing it to the greatest degree.

Much of that potential in all of us is destroyed by mind-numbing, non-purposeful, busy work.

I have never felt that my life's purpose was to work eight hours a day 'employed at some kind of drudgery' just to make someone else rich. I am not even interested in working to make myself rich.

Rather, I have always thought that I should be doing something to make the world a better place. That might mean some sort of paid work, but it could also mean voluntary efforts.

When we cease to be wage slaves we can experience true freedom, and our true calling. Only then will we understand the true business of people, which in ideal conditions, is more than simply struggling for survival while the bosses hoard their wealth.

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