October 29, 2012

Muscle Power Monday

Sustainable camping
A more muscle-powered future beacons. Energy is continually getting more expensive. A good way to reduce energy use and power bills is to put your body to work. Get ready for the return of good old fashioned work.

Work is good for your body, good for your bank account, and good for the environment. It's what I call green-on-green-on-green.

It has psychological benefits, too. As author Madeleine L'Engle pointed out to procrastinators everywhere,

"Inspiration usually comes during work rather than before it." 

Physical work, or 'exercise' as it is often referred to, is proven good medicine for mind and body, and is even better when performed for the practical purposes of every day living. I am thinking less treadmill and more turning topsoil.

Less thigh master, and more using your bicycle to pull the trailer to the campground.

Muscle Powered Activities For Fitness, Frugality, And The Earth

  • walking or riding a bike for transportation
  • kneading bread
  • growing a garden
  • doing dishes
  • washing laundry manually
  • hanging laundry on a line
  • using a push mower
  • playing outside with the kids
  • raking leaves (with a rake) for composting
  • turning compost
  • pumping water from the well
  • grinding grain into flour
  • using hand tools
Get work done - be inspired!

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