August 21, 2011

New Feature On NBA: Amazing Feats Of Simplicity

H. D. Thoreau will be featured on an upcoming post for Amazing Feats Of Simplicity

I would like to share the most recent addition to the Features Page - Amazing Feats Of Simplicity. The Features button at the top of this blog links to a page that highlights several reoccurring themes on NBA.

Amazing Feats of Simplicity will include posts that focus on individuals who are models of simple living. It will include historical figures as well as people who are choosing simpler ways of life today.

The first post in this feature is on a Japanese soldier that lived on his wits and the jungle environment around him for decades after the end of the second world war. His story is a tale of survival, austerity, discipline, and commitment to ideals and values.

The second post is about a former teacher in Germany that quit her job and middle class existence to live a nomadic, community-centered life of simplicity. She lived for 13 years without the use of money. Her story forces all of us to consider what we really need in life.

I find these stories fascinating, inspirational, and motivating, and hope you will too.

I add this new item to the other categories on the features page, and invite you to check them all out:
  • Make It Last
  • Simple Pleasures
  • Extreme Frugal Living
  • No Mischief Monday
Just click on the Features button above.

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