August 12, 2011

I Am Not My Stuff

Stuff. What's all the stuff for? We have paid dearly for heaps and heaps of stuff, most of which essentially has no real purpose or value. We are using mass-produced consumer items to distinguish ourselves on the ladder of excess, to identify who we are and what we stand for.

But we are not our stuff. We come into the world with nothing and with nothing we will leave it. In between the two, the lighter the load the better.

When we rid our lives of all the useless stuff - that threatens to drag us and the planet down - we can find out who we really are. That's when the work really starts.

Perhaps if we knew how liberating it is to not buy anything, to live with less, and to be more free, we might wish for a pyre large enough to incinerate all the stuff, and from the ashes start a new simple life.

You will be the same person you were before the flames, only without all the stuff.


  1. Here's where that quote came from:

  2. Thank you. I added a link.


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