March 25, 2011

There Is A Bench Somewhere With Your Name On It

Benches are beacons of slow in our fast paced world. They are a blast from the past, and a reminder that we sometimes need to STOP. Our culture places such great emphasis on doing, and very little on being. Benches are about being.

I make a point of giving in to the call of the slow, and allow myself to indulge in benches in beautiful locations. The bench above is one such example. It is in Whiffen Spit Park in Sooke, BC, and is one of many strategically placed slow zones provided for rest and quiet contemplation.

The waves come in, the waves go out. The waves come in, the waves go out. The breath comes in, the breath goes out. Ahhh... Everything else fades away.

When you see a bench with your name on it, allow yourself to stop and just be for a while.


  1. I'm very fond of benches with a view. And I love it when they're dedicated to a loved one. What a nice thing to do to remember someone who is gone.

  2. Geneviève,

    There is a beautiful bench overlooking the Old Man River in Lethbridge dedicated to my father. It is in the coulees on the U of L campus, where he worked for many years.

  3. That's so lovely Gregg. And what a neat spot. Every time a see a bench with someone's name on it I wonder who they were and what they were like. Have a good weekend!


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