March 21, 2011

No Hunger Monday

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Food production is down. Hunger is up. Prices are rising. The United Nations World Food Price Index recently hit an all time high.

The last time I went grocery shopping I hit an all time high for the most expensive cart of food I have ever muscled to the check out counter. The receipt total was a shocker.

But still, I was grateful for being able to walk into a store and stock up without a riot breaking out.

I am not sure we know the whole story behind increasing food prices, because it seems that the stratospheric rise in prices cannot be explained by supply and demand alone. Is greed involved, like in the 2008 financial crisis? Some believe it is.

Whatever the causes, we will need to find a way to help our brothers and sisters in nations experiencing a food deficit. This is time for generosity and sharing, not greed and hoarding.

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