March 8, 2011

The 100th International Women's Day

2011 marks the observance of the 100th International Women's Day. For me this is a day like Earth Day - it would be great if we could make changes that would render even noting these days unnecessary.

This will happen when every day sees us being aware of how we are treating the earth and each other. This will happen as we take responsibility for our role in making conditions better, or worse. This will happen when we take action.

Speaking of making conditions worse, the International Women's Day website was hit by hackers today in repeated attempts to shut them down through Denial of service attacks.  Looks like somebody is feeling threatened.

Where the hackers hired by the cosmetics industry? Plastic surgeons? Employers threatened by demands for equal pay for equal work? Or the shaving industry that wants everyone to hate leg hair, but only on women's legs?

That we need to continue observing special days indicates we have not committed to taking total action in making real, meaningful changes. Our goal should be to render these days obsolete as soon as possible because things have gotten so much better through our decisive changes.

Today we acknowledge that so long as women are not free, the people are not free. But special days emphasize awareness. What we need is action. Let that begin, or continue in earnest. Perhaps in another 100 years Int. Women's Day will no longer be needed.

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