January 12, 2010

Join The NBA Community: Become A Follower

The Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent is an energy figure symbolic of the sacred body of the earth and the preformative spiritual order of the universe. It is also the original appearance of creative energy in the Dreamtime. The serpent is always associated with vibration and flowing energy fields. Robert Lawlor
We would like to invite you to join NBA by becoming a follower. I sincerely thank the 12 or so brave individuals that have been on the leading edge of publicly joining our community. They noticed the gadget on the right margin, and have chosen to use it to show their support. Future followers will be following them in their support of our blog's mandate.

Why become a follower? First of all, it is free. You don't have to buy anything, no noxious advertising will assault your frugal sensibilities, and being a member of NBA has benefits. If you have a google account being a follower will automatically send NBA posts to your reader. And as a follower you will feel more of a part of the community and may feel more welcome to participate and help make it suit your needs.

Over the past 6 months to a year we have stepped up our efforts to become a preferred source of entertaining, useful, and occasionally controversial information on how the end of consumer culture will bring an enhanced quality of life for all.

It has been an exciting time and although we can not claim any kind of viral status, we have logged several thousand visits. My mother even phoned to congratulate us after going on-line at my sister's place and clicking through a few page views on our blog.

It is amazingly motivating to know that there is support out there for the content that we offer. Having followers is both carrot and stick, and will ensure on-going posts continue, and improve.

Our message may be highly counter-culture (although less so all the time it seems), but it is on the fringes where new ideas take hold. We are happy to see that the crowd out here is growing larger all the time. Our individual actions will lead the way to global change. Together we are strong.

Please think about joining our fringe community and becoming a follower of Not Buying Anything. Whether you become a follower or not, thank you for your support. We would love to hear from you, and appreciate all comments, suggestions, and feedback.

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