August 14, 2017

Hugs Not Thugs

Hugs are a good way to say "I love you" without saying, or buying, anything.

"Let's have a war on hugs", said no one ever. Doesn't everyone love hugs? Problem is, not enough hugs, and too many thugs.

Here's the right idea - a "Bliss Mob Hug Parade". Yes, it is a real thing.

Our problems run deep. Hugs alone won't fix them.

But hugs will definitely make things better. So let's do this thing. Hugs all around. More hugs will decrease the incidence of thuggery. It will prevent the formation of new thugs.

Hugs before we start the hard work before us. Hugs during the hard work that we will do to create a better world. And lots of celebratory hugs when we see the joyous outcomes as we journey together.


  1. I am a teacher and so many of my little ones want a hug each day because they're not getting them at home.

    1. 9FF,

      That is sad. Too bad we couldn't start each day with a bliss mob hug parade.

  2. Well, this is something positive arriving at just the right time. And wow, it is happening in my state! Your internet hug was warmly received Gregg and Linda. May I send a hug back to you?

  3. Terri,

    Hug accepted and appreciated. Take care down there. Take comfort in knowing that love always wins in the end.


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