September 21, 2015

Fall Equinox 2015

Fresh tomato soup for two garnished with some old cheddar cheese.

Happy Fall equinox to our readers in the northern hemisphere. Here in Nova Scotia, Canada the weather has noticeably turned from the hot of summer to the cooler days of autumn.

I put a jacket on to go for a bike ride today. We are letting the sun into the house because we need the heat more than we need to keep things cool. We are putting warmer blankets on our bed. Migrating birds are passing through on their way south.

And I can cook and bake to my stomachs content without melting.

Freshly baked bread for sandwiches.

Many around here say that fall is their favourite season. Snow is still several months distant, and days can be sunny and warm even if nights are cool. When the leaves change, the forest is transformed into a blaze of colours, and visitors come from all around to witness this natural phenomenon.

Happy Fall Equinox 2015.


  1. Your bread looks so crunchy and delicious! Autumn is a beautiful time of year indeed. I hope snow stays away for a really long time. It can come in October, but sometimes doesn't come until after Christmas. Ice rain is what I dread as we have a lot of that. However, for now, I am just going to enjoy Autumn and light the candles. Pam in Norway

    1. It doesn't usually snow here until December as well. Nice. Candles are nice this time of year as the sun slides south. Stay warm.

  2. Happy September Equinox! I've noticed a few trees changing their colors on the hill that is in my line of vision from my chair. Also I've heard a few unfamiliar bird calls from our tree and surmised they must be moving through on their way to warmer climes. It seems as if all the summer's toil is behind and it's time to celebrate the harvest.

    A cousin is taking a cruise to see the leaves up your way. I'm sure the tourists bring much needed income to many.

  3. Autumn is my favourite season, although nothing beats the emergence of Spring blossoms and the return of green to the landscape. I few years ago I decided to cultivate an appreciation for the cool beauty of Winter too, as I generally used to dread the cold. It's still cold, but now that I don't resist it I move through it more easily.


  4. What's your bread recipe? Mine is always too crumbly for sandwiches.


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