August 14, 2013

Do With Less

During WWII it was every North American's duty to cut back on food and consumer goods so that "they'll have enough". Rationing would give each citizen their fair share.

If we could do with less and think about our fair share so that the war machine could have enough to promote death, why can't we do the same to promote life?

Almost 1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. 21,000 children under age 5 die every day, mostly due to preventable causes brought on by poverty.

Why don't we do with less so that the poorest among us can have enough?

In 1988, only eight male and two female Golden Toads were located in their range in Costa Rica. A year later, a single male was found, and this was the last record of the species. None have been seen since.

Why don't we do with less so that other living things can have enough so they don't go extinct?

In my part of the world trees thousands of years old continue to be cut despite the inevitable extinction of an ancient forest that began 10,000 years ago.

Why don't we do with less so that our planet can have enough to replenish itself so that its gifts are not depleted and destroyed?

We have reached Peak Everything and the future looks increasingly bleak.

Why don't we do with less so that we can have enough to save the earth, and therefore ourselves?

Some humans are taking more than their fair share, while others are unsuccessfully attempting to get by with much less than what they are entitled to as fellow Earthlings.

We need to have a frank and global discussion about our "fair share", and what that would mean for those of us living excessive lifestyles that are not only condoned, but actively encouraged.

Consumer based lifestyles are currently socially sanctioned not because such lifestyles are better for anyone or anything, but because they are massively and disproportionately profitable for a few.

Even worse, the few can only maintain the conspicuous consumption through the massive use of violence.

Redirecting the nearly $2 trillion dollar global military death budget toward promoting life would go a long way toward setting things right. These taxpayer dollars could ensure we all have equal access to our fair share as members of the human family.

Making do with less so our brothers, sisters and other living things can have enough is the logical, moral, and compassionate thing to do.

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