August 16, 2013

Are We Happy Yet?

Considering the number of people on antidepressants, I would have to say we are not happy yet. Maybe if we just had more. Bigger burgers, faster cars, better vacations, more opulent homes, and then we will be happy.

But if we aren't grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we would be happier if we got more? Some studies have shown that in North America additional income beyond $75,000 a year ceases to impact day-to-day happiness.

Past a certain point of sufficiency, adding more of anything actually reduces the amount of pleasure we experience. The more we add, the less bang we get for our buck, until pretty soon we are spending a stack of money, but are deriving little effect on our level of overall happiness.

We don't need more money, or a better job, or more stuff, or a bigger house, or yet another vacation experience or bucket list victory before we can be happy.

Why wait? It is possible to be happy now, and you need nothing more than your mind to make it happen.

10 Steps to Happiness Now
  1. Think less - Feel more.
  2. Frown less - Smile more.
  3. Talk less - Listen more.
  4. Judge less - Accept more.
  5. Complain less - Appreciate more.
  6. Fear less - Love more. 
  7. Want less - Be grateful more.
  8. Work less - Play more.
  9. Cry less - Laugh more.
  10. Worry less - Enjoy more.


  1. I just copied that and put it on my fridge. :)

    1. Clamco, I am glad you liked that. You work hard and deserve to be happy. Hope all is OK for you and your family. Good luck in your new home and job.

  2. Once again, you have nailed it! Great reminders...Fear Less, Love More is my personal motto.

    1. Erin, Great motto!

      "Love More" pretty much covers everything. It is very simple, but can be a challenge at times.


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