May 6, 2013

Another World Is Possible Monday


  1. Anonymous5/06/2013

    I have always thought that too! I think people have balls to get out and visibly protest in the streets, but I don't think I can do that. I think a more powerful form of protest comes from passive resistance, quietly starving the all-consuming beast like an army of one, until others see you in this hundredth-monkey effect and it quietly and in piecemeal just gains momentum. Seeing a protest ignites that revolutionary spirit in most of us, but it seems like a "dropping a rock on an anthill" way of going about it, - which is why I think police attack nonviolent people - and that socio-economically as well as generationally, they get sick of the definition of insanity.
    There are more of us than them, and most of 'us' live in big cities...I mean come on....move to where the corporate influence isn't so in your face! (I'm from the states) just my two cents

    1. The largest protests the globe has ever seen were before the first Bush took America into Iraq, and we all know how that turned out. However, perhaps we should be fighting on both fronts.

      I think to be visibly in the streets sends a powerful message to decision makers that there is unrest brewing and they best look at making changes before things escalate.

      But I think it even more important to put your money where your mouth is and have your lifestyle reflect what you are in the streets about.

      Don't buy their stuff - don't work for them is our rule.

      I definitely agree that getting out of the city is a healthy thing to do. My town is small and stubborn enough to not allow a large corporate presence here that would destroy the intimate community feeling that we currently enjoy.

      Thanks for adding your two cents.


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