July 16, 2009

This Planet is Toooo Hot

The planet is choking, and if we don't get off fossil fuels soon we are going to kill it. Quite a shame, really, because it is a most excellent planet. Safely orbiting in the Goldilocks Zone, it has provided a space for life to flourish for a long time.

Our atmosphere is a fragile, thin protective blanket. It can not absorb endless amounts of waste that result from our insatiable desire for comfort, convenience, and entertainment. What if our planet, by our actions, becomes toooo hot, and is no longer a Goldilocks planet?

There is no doubt that massive change needs to take place to avert disaster. The time to make leisurely changes passed us by in the 70's, back when the establishment was dabbing pepper spray into the eyes of hippies and "eco-terrorists". Even the term "environmentalist" has been tarnished by the growthanistas that would like to continue raping, pillaging and dumping to their profits content. It is time for us to join the global cause and come together for our mutual benefit.

As painful as some may view the inevitable, developed countries are going to make the largest contribution to change simply by practicing conservation, mostly through the reduction of wants. Personally, I see this as a wonderful opportunity for us to restore balance to a system that has become grossly wobbly at the top and threatens to topple if regular people stand by and allow it to happen.

Will the economy rebound? Who cares? It never worked in the first place. Ignoring and disregarding the unpleasant results of our quest for more is where we went wrong. Situations now confront us with those results whether we acknowledge them or not. It could be global warming, it could be your local stream or lake that no longer supports fish. The current global economic trouble is the best chance for change we have had in generations.

The old order would like to crank up the tattered treadmill of the old economy, but it is broke. We built that system, we can build a new one. Thankfully, such endeavours have begun. Solar power projects, wind energy, and a newly compliant G8 willing to lead the way. If we are to meet the target of an 80% reduction by 2050, we are all going to need to hook into this project.

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