September 1, 2015

Stuff We Don't Need

Many, if not most, people with money tend to spend it on things they don't need. A lot of folks are addicted to financial wealth and the stuff that can be bought with excess cash. This is not the right track, as shown by record levels of depression and environmental collapse.

We are desperately trying to fulfill ourselves with things instead of what we really need, which is love, emotional contact, and creative self-expression.

The more balanced we become, the more we seek these things rather than being driven to accumulate money and things we don't need. Our natural energy begins to flow, and our lives fall into simplicity and balance.

With balance we can have everything our hearts could desire in abundance, but there is not accumulation of excess. We are not wasting, and we are not using resources that don't need to be used.

With balance we give up the struggle for more. We have everything we need because true wealth is simple and balanced.

August 30, 2015

More Living, Less Bullshit

Here's to Annie, another reader of this blog that has decided to make some tough decisions to be able to live the life she wants to live. And she was kind enough to share the news with the rest of us in a comment on one of my recent posts.

Like many other people, she feels that time with family is more precious than working in a less than desirable situation. "I quit my job" she said. "8 days to go. Let the adventure begin!" I could sense the excitement, having been in that situation myself.

Annie added, "I don't think there is enough money to compensate for missing so many milestones", and Linda and I agree wholeheartedly. 15 years ago we quit our full time jobs in pursuit of the simple life, and we have never looked back.

In our case, Linda had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in a devastating turn in our lives together. We knew that while the clock was ticking for both of us (as it does for us all), it may be ticking a bit faster for her. What we needed was more time to do the things we wanted to do, and now.

After 5 years of good but slowly declining health we made our move to get the time we needed to do the things we wanted. We quit.

Since we made that decision we have fulfilled many of our simple living goals, including traveling for a full year with nothing but the packs on our backs. While we did not work full time again, we both worked casual, contract, and part-time jobs that we were interested in trying out.

Linda worked for a non-profit that provided services for housing co-operatives, and also enjoyed working in a public library. I worked several jobs such as driving a limousine, providing river rafting trips for school groups, and landscape gardening.

With lots of time for just living, we learned to cook a vegetarian diet. We learned to play guitar and sing better. We increased our time in nature. We spent a lot of time visiting friends and family. We learned to live more with less.

We fully support anyone choosing to live more simply. To live more along the lines of what feels right to them rather than what society tells them to do. Here is to Annie and her family, and all of you out there that may yearn for similar simple things.

May you all have more living, and less bullshit.


Good food.
Want to.


Mindless work.
Have to.

August 27, 2015

Behold The World

My heart is so small
it's almost invisible.
How can You place
such big sorrows in it?
"Look," He answered,
"your eyes are even smaller,
yet they behold the world.

- Rumi

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