August 31, 2017

The Land Is Our Church

“The Creator gave to us all the living things so that we would know how to act. The natural world is our Bible; by watching the chipmunk and the meadowlark and even the tiniest flower we learn the lessons that the Creator has put before us. Everything is sacred. This very land is our church.”

- Chief Fools Crow of the Oglala Lakota

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  1. Anonymous9/01/2017

    Such a timely post, as always. This week has been one of severe clarity regarding climate change and human folly. Living in North Texas, I am watching our friends to the south suffer and struggle to make sense of the wallop they just received. We ran out of gas yesterday here and my hope is that this shakes people awake, even a little...I wonder if it will even register as a blip on their radars. Judging by the large vehicles cruising the streets today, it is not likely.
    Fortunately, I DO have power over my actions an attitudes. I can actively choose Nature's way, Her plan. Steadiness, slowness, calm, and health are Her ways. And this never fails. She recycles continually and nothing is ever wasted. This brings me immense peace. -Erin


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