June 22, 2016

Summer Solstice

Summer solstice moonrise over the back yard Acadian forest.

It is true that the best things in life can not be bought. Take summer, for example. No amount of cash will make this most relaxed of seasons come any sooner. I might buy me some of that if I could.

Here in Nova Scotia summers tend to come late. Right now, with summer being an official designation for the next 92 days, our weather has finally turned. The change of seasons can be seen, felt, and experienced.

June 21st is no guarantee of summer-like weather anywhere in Canada (it can pretty much snow anywhere any month of the year), but I am noticing a few things that lead me to believe we have arrived here in Digby county.

  • I'm not wearing layers any more.
  • My down comforter has been washed and put away till winter.
  • I can't remember the last time we fired up the wood stove.
  • The black flies are out. And hungry. "Don't scratch - it'll get infected."
  • Haying in the fields around us has been taking place over the past few days.
  • A cat has been leaving its calling cards in our new raised bed garden.
  • Open windows, fresh breezes.
  • My neighbours are getting ready to migrate down the road to their summer camp on the lake.
  • Our garden is fully seeded. "Germinate, little buddies, germinate."

So, Northern Hemispherians, if summer has arrived where you are at, consider yourself to be rich. I hope you enjoy a relaxed and fruitful summer season enjoying the best things in life. For free.

Southern Hemispherians - stay warm. We are thinking about you.

Note: Be sun smart and keep your eye on the UV forecast when you check your local weather before heading out into nature. Cancer sucks. 

"About 90 percent of nonmelanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun."


  1. How exciting that your garden is now seeded - may it be abundantly fruitful!


    1. Thank you, Madeleine. Nothing is up yet. I feel like a little kid on Xmas eve, continually checking under the tree.

  2. UVA = cancer promoting
    UVB = vitamin D!!
    Windows block UVB, while allowing UVA in - be careful with indoor exposure. And UVB is tricky with our atmosphere - on cloudy days and before 10 and after 3, it is scarce. Get some rays when the sun is high, but be careful not to burn. And ditch the sunglasses - they block the good rays from reaching your eyes, blocking vitamin production and affecting overall health.
    happy sunshine-summer!

    1. Erin, that is good info. Thanks for sharing. I did some follow up and indeed discovered that one can get skin damage while driving a car... with the windows up. They recommended drivers wear sunscreen, long sleeved shirts, and a hat.

  3. AnonymousJune 24, 2016

    We had Winter Solstice here.Nasturtium edible flowers are easy to plant,all you need is some seeds and you will have the best looking food in the garden.
    Hugs to Linda and you Saffron(Australia)

    1. Saffron, we love nasturtiums, and have grown them successfully in the past. Linda is pushing to grow them again this summer. Happy winter solstice.

  4. Thank you Erin for the information. I didn't know all that. Especially glad to know the vitamin D hours.

    It is a joyful event to plant a garden and see the first sprouts break through the soil! I call that kind of joy "tippy-toe happiness" cause it makes you want to dance on your toes!


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