April 13, 2016

We Are All One

What if my thumb took over my hand? Would that benefit the overall functioning of my collection of digits? What if the fingers decide to smash the thumb with a hammer? Would not the whole hand feel the pain?

We are all one. We are all together like fingers on a hand, inextricably linked.

It is counterproductive to hit the thumbs of the world with a hammer, because all the fingers will feel the pain. What we need to do, is agree that what is good for thumbs, is good for fingers, is good for the whole hand.

Not only are we one with each other, we are one with everything else. There is no separation between me and you. Or between us and the trees, the worms, the water, the rocks, the clouds, the stars.

We cannot pluck one part of the web of life without causing the whole web to wobble. It is all linked. 

When I love the planet, I love the one. When I don't, the pain is felt everywhere, especially in myself. 

We are one. One big hand passing over the cosmos, working to fulfill our collective purpose, which is to stroke, sustain and nurture life. All life. 

We are coming together again, and making the hand whole so it can manifest its destiny and set everything back in its proper place.

We will be one, again.

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  1. We are all one is really one of life's big lessons, isn't it? I'm still astonished when people act as though the environment is separate from themselves. I recently had tea with a new friend and she told me she was spraying chemicals on the grass at her new home to kill the weeds. 'Don't do that', I said, 'you'll poison yourself'. To my astonishment she replied, 'oh no, it's ok, I've got a man coming to do it for me.' I wanted to ask, 'so it's ok to poison him, is it, as well as the environment ?' but as we'd only just met I thought I better keep my opinions to myself.

    Although that was a surprising encounter, I am also hearing from more and more people that they are becoming aware of chemicals in the environment, and other issues like EMFs and wi fi radiation. Although some seem slow to catch up, it is really heartening to see that the conversation is opening up, and after possibly our hottest Autumn on record so far, almost everyone is coming around to the idea that global warming is not just an idea that's been made up, it's actually happening and we are part of it.



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