July 20, 2015

Still Not Happy

After decades of promises about how capitalism and consumerism will make us all gloriously happy, we still aren't. Now at the end of consumerism we need more and more just to feel normal. But they tell us we just haven't bought enough yet.

What about the billions of people that do not live consumer lifestyles? Is it not possible for them to be happy?

What about the majority of history in which humans survived with few material possessions? The way this 50 year old scam has been presented to us no one has been blissfully happy until the advent of the shopping mall.

It was a lie from the beginning. It is quite possible to be happy with less. In some cases, much less.

Consumerism is a total failure. Continued participation is an exercise in futility.

Still not happy? Simplify now and avoid the rush.


  1. I am loving this blog, and this post is no exeption. With four childern to bring up, I see it as a very important part of my life to explain and warn against the trap of consumerism.Sometimes they catch me out and show they are really getting it. Last month I was in a shop with my basket full and my youngest poked my arm "mummy, why on earth are you buying those lamps? Do you sereously need them??" Of course he was right and back on the shelf they went! Pam in Norway

    1. Pam,

      It is great to have you and your family with us.

  2. My partner , small daughter, dog and I bought a second hand van this week. We have been saving and living frugally as we do for some time and come September we are taking off on the road to who knows where. We do not have jobs lined up or fancy lifestyles to fund. We can do this because of this fact. Every single time I have said to someone we are taking off to live in a van I get the same or a variation of this "I am so jealous. I wish/want/will do this one day". We are against consumerism and we are happy without question :)

    1. Ahh, sweet, sweet freedom on the road. Linda enjoyed our 2 months of van living last summer as we moved east toward Nova Scotia. Now that we are settled we find we really miss being on the road with everything we own in the world travelling with us.

      Enjoy, and do let us know how things progress for you and your family.

  3. Hi Gregg,

    I surprised myself by giving away my bedside tables and lamps a few days ago. I realised they were really just glorified dust catchers - one of the bedside tables was completely empty! My room now feels more 'airy' - you can't buy that!

    Happy days, Madeleine,x

  4. Capitalism and consumerism, a shitshow of epic proportions.

    Heard that phrase earlier this week in an article I read, so it is not an original thought. It applies to describing capitalism and consumerism, I think.

    Happy to report that by unplugging electronics with LED lights, seriously reducing how much I use lights, setting the thermostat a little higher, and stopping the use of my clothes dryer, I have become less dependent on electricity. Bonus is more cash. my bill is $57 less this month than it was the same month last year. And they just raised the rate for electricity a whopping 5%. Surprised me, but I enjoy low to no light in the evenings. I do enjoy consuming less electricity!

    Love hearing how the other commenters here are simplifying! Great post Gregg, love that picture and your pertinent questions.

    1. When Linda and I visited India we often only had power for a few hours every evening. Even then we only usually used power to turn the ceiling fan to cool off and chase the mosquitos away. We loved adapting to living without 24/7 unlimited power. It was peaceful and quiet.

  5. AnonymousJuly 21, 2015

    Truly the tide is turning. Take for instance the community of readers of this blog who give me hope that there is an awakening happening and I'm not alone!

    1. Our simple living community gives me hope like nothing else. Thanks to you and everyone else.


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