January 2, 2015

New Year Affirmation

Happy new year to the readers of NBA. May you experience the joys of simplicity in 2015.


Each day, and each year, I am awakening to a greater understanding of the joys of simplicity.

Each morning we wake up is a new opportunity to begin a simple life anew. Refreshed from a solid night’s rest, and with a renewed perspective from the experiences of the previous day, we look forward to the unfolding of a new day's lessons on living with less.

When we first wake up is a good time to say the affirmation above. Repeat as necessary.

The beginning of a new year represents an opportunity for awakening to a whole new level of ecological awareness and responsibility, armed with the wisdom gained from the previous year’s growth. Upwards and onwards.

Day by day, and year by year, we are proceeding on a journey of awakening into a greater, more joyful simplicity.


  1. And I am grateful to be free from 'wanting'!

  2. Cheers to a more simple and peaceful new year, I'll surely be moving in that direction.
    No matter where I am on this journey or how stuck I get at times, it is wonderful to find support here.


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