October 12, 2013

On Consumption - Victor Lebow


  1. i try to make a new lifestyle for my hubbie and me, one without stuff, so less consumption. yesterday we looked at eachother and all our food, so much..... so now we make an effort to do with our food until to the end of this year. eat our meals from our freezer and stock, see how far we come without running to the shops. im sorry for my not so good english writing i hope u reed what i mean, i love your blog over your lifestyle, its an big ispriration to me. love marion from holland

  2. Marion,

    Your english is fine, I get what you mean, and I congratulate you and your hubby on your new lifestyle.

    Some people dread living with less. I enjoy it. I look at it as an enjoyable challenge to see how efficiently I can live. That definitely includes making the most of our food resources (and staying away from the shops).

    Thank you for sharing your project with us. It is a good reminder to go through our kitchen and make sure that we are keeping our stocks in circulation.

  3. Marion, my husband and I do the same thing regularly. As Gregg said we see it as a fun challenge to see what we can create out of the things we have, not only in the kitchen. Some of our best recipes have come from experimenting with what we have.

    MarieG Lifesimplybalanced.com

  4. I'd like to address this and the busyness post. Love your philosophy and we have been tricked into becoming happy consumer machines buying iCrap that we don't need then getting hooked. If we concentrated on providing what we needed we might just start really having a better standard of living. Check out Adam Curtis' Century of the Self http://vimeo.com/61857758 for how we got here and http://acropof.blogspot.gr/2013/10/the-century-of-diy-part-2.html for where it may be taking us. Loafers of the world UNITE!

  5. Fugative,

    Those that are concentrating on providing for their needs, rather than servicing their wants, will be well prepared for the years ahead.

    Changing the world, one loafer at a time. Thanks for the links.

  6. can you tell me what the quote means?

    1. Anon,

      It means that our economies require us to buy stuff we don't need. 70% of the economy of a consumer nation is private consumption. If people stop buying crap, the economy will suffer. We are trapped.


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