May 3, 2013

I Am The Earth - The Earth Is Me

I am the earth, and the earth is me. To speak of us as separate entities fails to recognize that everything is part of one great living being. We are interconnected, and interdependent. We need each other.

Chief Seattle reminded us of this fact in his 1854 warning to us. We should have listened to our host more sincerely, and taken his words to heart.

We have allowed the destruction of the environmental part of our system because most of us live separated from intimate contact with nature. We are cut off from the cycles and rhythms of the earth, and this has dangerous consequences for everything.

The pressures of modern life move us toward a structured life in which we wake to an alarm clock and go to bed after the news. Our schedules accommodate what we think needs to be done, not natural rhythms.

We ignore our connection to everything else at our peril - we are part of the earth. We think we are exceptional and don't need the environment. Wishful thinking leads us to believe some magic technological fix will come riding to our rescue. But it won't.

Only we can rescue ourselves.

A slower, more simple life allows one the time to reconnect with the earth and its ways, and live in respectful harmony with nature.

When we acknowledge our common blood and respect natural rhythms, the health of the whole earth improves.

We are one family, and we need each other.

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