February 18, 2013


Permaculture can be summed up in three simple concepts that provide a model for a better world:

1. Earth Care - take care of the Earth, and use resources wisely.

2. People Care - take care of your self, family, and community.

3. Fair Share - taking only what you need, and contributing where you can.

The best thing is that the concepts of permaculture can be practiced right in your own backyard right now.


  1. From reading your blog for awhile now, I am sure you didn't mean for this to only apply to gardening. What an awesome idea that can be applied not only to gardening, but everyday life.

    MarieG LifeSimplyBalanced.com

  2. MarieG, I think a lot of people do think of gardening when they hear of permaculture, but as you point out it encompasses all activities of everyday life.

    Permaculture emphasizes working with nature - whatever we are doing - instead of against it. In this way we can maintain optimum health and functionality of nature, our life support system. This in turn ensures our own health.

    Imagine if we all lived according to the 3 concepts of permaculture. Why aren't we already?

    A better world is waiting for us, one that is nurturing, caring, gentle, and sustainable.

  3. First off I love your new blog layout. I have been able to read the previous posts from my e-mail, but I'm glad I came here to comment so I could see it!

    I want to start a neighborhood garden program where we each grow something different and then share at harvest. Do you know of any websites I could look at?

    1. Savvy Sister, Glad you came over to see the new layout. I have been enjoying your blog lately. Your recent food posts are making me hungry, and I can hear my bok choy calling to me now.

      I am not aware of any specific websites with that gardening goal in mind, but did find one that looks at creating a Neighbourhood Garden Wheel.


      A Garden Wheel is basically a neighbourhood cooperative organization that conducts work parties to help individual homeowners start a garden. The work party can do things that individuals or small families can't do on their own, and it is a good way to meet neighbours and build community.

      It would only be a slight extension of the idea to add a phase II: the sharing of the harvest from all the gardens that the work parties helped to build. The organizational infrastructure for food sharing would be in place already.

      It is a great idea whose time has come... again. Good luck with your project.

    2. Thanks very much!!


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