October 2, 2011

Join The Simple Living Revolution

Simple living - its time has come around, again.

Revolution is coming. The time is ripe for a peaceful overthrow of a system rife with built-in waste and corruption. Thousands of Occupy Wall Street participants are evidence of a growing dissatisfaction with corporate infiltration of our governments, and the global economic terrorism being waged for the benefit of the few.

In these times of monumental vanity and greed living with less can be seen as a revolutionary act. When we are being encouraged to want more everything, living simply is taking a stand against the status quo.

Critics may say voluntary simplicity is a throw-back in time. It is. A throw-back to a time when we were satisfied with the basics, and weren't using more than the planet could provide sustainably. This is evidence of revolving, not devolving.

Remember that revolution also means 'motion in a circular course'. Life is not linear, it is cyclical, and simple living is a way of living whose time is coming around again.

Most of the planet's inhabitants still live simply. We used to live simply (and happily), too, and we will again. Our survival depends on it.

Join the simple living revolution.

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