April 10, 2011

Mr. MacLean's Prescription For Life

Another favourite bench

I don't know who R.B. MacLean was, but he was my kind of guy. Here, on another of my favourite benches, is a plaque with his prescription for life.

This bench brought to you by Love and Humour.

When we laugh we let our defenses down. We are who we really are, experiencing joy and the moment. I read an excellent article on idleness recently. It said, "Idleness is what happens when we allow our pace to slacken, and merge with the rhythms of the natural day.

Humour is much the same - when we laugh we take a step out of normal life and merge with the moment and natural rhythms. Being in nature provides similar results. As does sitting on benches with no agenda or deadline.

The best is having a good, long, sit down on a bench - in nature, with a friend, laughing together.

View from Mr. MacLean's beautiful bench
This post brought to you courtesy of Mr. R. MacLean, Darlene, and friends.

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