March 23, 2011

Coping With Increasing Food Prices

Gardens are good for the pocketbook as well as the soul
Our major expense, like most people, is housing, followed by food. The cost of both are increasing, but food prices have recently hit highs not seen since the global food riots in 2008.

Will coffee prices increase by 45% in 2011? Oranges by 35%? Salmon by 30%? Time will tell, but expect more expensive food and energy moving forward. It makes living on a budget all the more challenging, but many wonderful responses are available.

 Responses To High Food Prices

Cook your own food more often. It is probably safe to say, with all our conveniences and a lack of time, that fewer of us cook than ever before. We are paying the price. Convenience foods are expensive, and their ingredients are questionable. Eating food you have joyfully prepared yourself will reduce your desire for industrial-strength food replacement products.

Change your food habits. You can save money on your food bill by cutting down on processed and luxury foods, such as coffee or pop and fast food. A switch from coffee to green tea will save money, and offer many health benefits. Replace fast food and processed snacks with homemade sandwiches, vegetables, nuts, and fruit.

Grow more of your own food. Growing fresh, nutritious foods from your own soil is one of the best ways to fight high prices. It is also good for exercise, fresh air, and connecting with the Earth. Community gardens are becoming more popular, but any bit of soil will do. Good bye grass, hello green onions. 

Buy local. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way to buy fresh food directly from a local farmer.
Eat less. Most of us eat more calories than we need, and a supervised, low-calorie diet may be better. Some species on a calorie restricted diet lived twice as long as those fed a regular diet in research studies. 

Try one or two vegetarian meals per week. Beans, lentils, tofu, and other plant-based proteins are inexpensive alternatives that lend themselves to a wide variety of healthy, tasty dishes.


    1. I fully agree, I attended a seminar today on soil. It opened my eyes to what the commercial fertilizers are doing to our soil. I dont have much space to plant but I am planning some barrels of vegies to start. We definitely need to feed our soil and GROW!---THE NATURAL WAY.

    2. Dorothy,

      Boy, you are right! Soil is everything, and we have been treating it badly. Time to send out an SOS - Save Our Soil. Good luck with your barrel garden - great idea.


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